Helpful Stuff


Helpful Stuff

In recent years, there has been a significant interest in developing a more connective, passionate and authentic worship in our churches.  Many are seeking a deeper, more tangible sense of the presence of God, in corporate, individual and small group worship.  We are blessed in our family of churches with many gifted worship leaders, who have bent their talents to focus them on this vital area of our walk with God.

We want to experience everything that God has to offer in our worship.  From the deep, powerful a cappella ‘hits’ that date back a millennium to more modern expressions of gospel and contemporary praise, to powerful readings of scripture, spoken word and passionate public prayer, our desire is to offer to our people a diverse palate of worship expressions, with the goal of helping everyone connect to and experience the immediate presence of the Almighty.  With these thoughts in mind, we offer the following list and description of various worship resources from both inside and outside our family of churches.  These were collected with the help of worship leaders from around the world.  Many more could be listed, but these have been of particular help to our worship teams.


“New Songs Volume One” (River City Music)

This is the hymnal that River City Music published last summer. As disciples, we strive to continue our culture of engaged singing – worship is a participatory sport, not a spectator sport. We celebrate our great traditional songs, yet also yearn to have new songs that appeal to us and to the next generations of our churches. All the while, and through every style, we want to keep experiencing that valuable feeling of “everyone is singing this” that has been such a positive and powerful part of our worship culture for years.


— A supplement to Songs of the Kingdom — Over 75 NEW SONGS, 100 songs total
— Congregational SATB arrangements, with chords for guitar/keyboard
— Legal projection and duplication rights through CCLI Recordings, lyrics and chords sheets available free from River City Music

Life-Changing Worship

David Eastman

This book explores theological principles and practical application with a view to helping us take our worship to places we’ve never been.  Available at IPI Books or at

Becoming A True Worshiper

Tom Kraueter

Worship Matters

Bob Kauflin

The New Worship

Barry Liesch

CD & Video

Lift I & Lift II

(Contemporary Christian Style)

(A note from Jay Minor, Worship Leader / Minister at the Turning Point Church, a ministry of the L.A. Church of Christ)  LIFT 2, the second release from the worship ministry at the Turning Point Church in Los Angeles, is now available.  Each year, the Turning Point hosts a night of musical worship designed to help the church lift their voices, their hearts, their hands, their eyes, their prayers and their praises to God.  The LIFT albums are a great representation of what happens on those special nights. God is leading us, teaching us, stretching us and changing us with every passing year, and we love the process!  We hope that this collection of worship music will help you along your spiritual journey, as it has helped us along ours!  Check out our webpage for more info and ordering info:

The New Era:

Big City Goodwin (Christian Rap)

New England Worship Leaders’ Training

These videos from a New England Song Leaders’ Training Workshop in 2008 feature timeless Bible teaching on worship and praise by evangelist Dave Eastman. Every member will learn from these scripture centered lessons.  Available free of charge from Disciples Today.

Mirror Neurons

This video from NOVA teaches why Worship Leaders need to model intelligent, thoughtful worship for the church.  Jerry Maday, a gifted musician and worship leader from Worcester, Massachusetts, submitted this for our enjoyment.  Watch online.

Live Hillsong Concert DVDs

“Mighty To Save” and many others

Vocal Coach Series

Basic training CDs for vocals, diction, etc.  This 7-CD set is available from


www.ipibooks.coma one-stop shop for books, music, audio teaching and much more from ICOC authors, teachers and musicians!  Be sure to check out the Music Page for new music from J. Brian Craig, Mark Hoyle, and others. – worship-related blog, videos, song postings, also access to lyrics, chord charts, and recordings that teach vocal parts to songs (soprano-alto-tenor-bass), all from singer/ songwriter/ worship leader J. Brian Craig.– (from Julie Kinscheck)  “The music we write and play is meant to help individuals with their personal worship… Whether they hear our songs at a concert, event or service or listen to them at home or in their cars, our songs are meant to build your faith in and awe of God, soften your heart and see Him and what He can do…” – Tracks, CDs and music from Chicago’s own Tina Jenkins Crawley. –  This is a webpage created to provide resouces on worship to our Spanish speaking brothers and sisters. It includes mp3’s, lyrics,  chord charts, vocal exercises, and plenty of other items. – the companion website to an outstanding book of the same name.– Here is a website geared towards helping travelling/performing gospel artists/musicians stay focused on what matters most.  The devotionals and podcasts are really good encouragement.

www.liftmusiconline.comThis website tells the story of the “Lift” Concerts performed in L.A., and has links for people to get the music. The “Lift Concerts” have been a great success, and two CDs have been produced from them.  They can be purchased online from the website above.  This is great stuff to listen to while driving or during Quiet Times! – Fabrice “Breeze” Clerger is a passionate Inspirational R&B recording artist, songwriter, minister & humanitarian.  His mission is to bring hope, love, and freedom to the oppressed and broken-hearted through ministry and the arts.  On this website you will find numerous inspirational products.– worship music by Mark Hoyle, with audio & video files – 1,000s of songs available for download $5.99 – 1,000s of songs available for download, $1.99 and up

www.praisecharts.comWorship Songs,  from simple leadsheets to complete Orchestrations. $1.99 – $39.99 – Christian Copyright Licensing Institute, a crucial resource.  Every church needs this licensing in order to project and copy lyrics legally. – all-in-one worship planning & communication tool.  Outstanding resource! – Media Resources, backgrounds, movies, countdowns, and more. – New Kingdom Songs, New Songbook, Free Chord Charts, etc. – A cappella Part Singers’ music and parts CDs from Keith Lancaster.

www.expressiveworship.netTom Jackson’s “Expressive Worship” series– SATB sheet music for contemporary worship songs. projected notation for traditional songs

www.worshiptraining.coma useful tool for individual training, worship teams, instrumentalists and more.

Apps & Software

Pitch Pro (Frozen Ape)
Pitch Pipe, Guitar Tuning, Keyboard

Basic metronome

Tempo (Frozen Ape)
Advanced Metronome, Tempo

Voice Memos (iPhone)
Quick recordings of rehearsals, voice parts, etc. Easy to email

Garage Band (Mac)
Easy way to do tracks, make quick demos, Scoring, Songwriting.  Additional Jam Packs available

Keynote (Mac)
“Upgraded” PowerPoint

Finale (Make Music, Inc)
Notation Software.  Lite version also available

Performer (Mark of the Unicorn)
Sequencing Software..