Hymn Stories


Over the Easter weekend of 2015, in Lagos, Nigeria, the church was treated to an outstanding presentation of ‘Hymn Stories,’ accounts of the circumstances surrounding the writing of some of the most beloved hymns we all know.  Ayo Owodunni of Lagos has produced a number of these inspiring stories that we can share in our churches.

It Is Well with My Soul:  The Story Behind the Hymn

Ayo Owodunni shares with us this inspiring, heart-rending story behind the writing of the great hymn, “It Is Well with My Soul” (also known by the first line, “When Peace Like a River”).

How Great Thou Art

One of the very most beloved hymns of the last 150 years is “How Great Thou Art,” a thunderous acclamation of the greatness of God as seen through His creation. Ayo tells here the story of its inspiration.