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Songs of the Kingdom

The “Songs of the Kingdom” hymnals have provided a cornerstone of sung and performed worship music in the congregations of the International Churches of Christ fellowship for nearly 30 years. As a key musical resource in a culture that values its heritage of four-part congregational singing, it contains a core collection of classic protestant psalms, hymns and spiritual songs — plus songs written by ICOC membership that capture our particular experience and outlook over the last three decades.




Songbooks can be ordered from Illumination Publishers and at the Disciples Today Media Store (DT Media Store).


Downloadable lyrics, charts, hymn-sheets, recordings and other materials for Songs of the Kingdom songs are available on these pages:

Charts and Hymn Sheets

Projected Lyrics and Music

CCLI LogoWe highly recommend that churches who are projecting lyrics or music in worship service get a CCLI Church Copyright License in order to comply with the laws of the land regarding use of copyright materials. For a more in depth explanation of legal issues involved, please refer to this article: Projection of Song Lyrics – Legal Advice from ACO (Feb 2012)..