SOK Recordings

Recordings may not match notated music exactly.
These have been included because they reflect the vibe and feeling of the song, or cast it into a different style.

A Faithful Witness (teaching parts) (AUDIO)
A Faithful Witness (voices only) (AUDIO)
A Faithful Witness (voices+band) (AUDIO)
A Faithful Witness (voices+guitar) (AUDIO)
Anchor For The Soul (lead+guitar) (AUDIO)
As For Me And My House (variation) (AUDIO)
Be Still and Know I Am God (voices only) (AUDIO)
Be Strong Take Heart (voices only) (AUDIO)
Be Strong Take Heart (voices+band) (AUDIO)
Be With Me Lord (voices only) (AUDIO)
Be With Me Lord (voices+band) (AUDIO)
By Faith (voices only) (AUDIO)
By Faith (voices+band) (AUDIO)
Cornerstone (voices+band) (AUDIO)
Deeper (voices+guitar) (AUDIO)
Eloi (variation) (AUDIO)
Entrusted (lead+guitar) (AUDIO)
Even Greater Things (voices only) (AUDIO)
Even Greater Things (voices+guitar) (AUDIO)
Feed My Sheep (lead+guitar) (AUDIO)
Feed My Sheep (variation) (AUDIO)
Fill My Soul (earlier version) (AUDIO)
Fill My Soul (updated chorus) (AUDIO)
Fill My Soul (variation) (AUDIO)
Finish This Race (lead+guitar) (AUDIO)
Finish This Race (voices only) (AUDIO)
Finish This Race (voices+band) (AUDIO)
For All Generations (voices+band) (AUDIO)
For All Generations (voices+guitar) (AUDIO)
Go And Make Disciples (voices only) v2 (AUDIO)
Go And Make Disciples (voices only) (AUDIO)
Go And Make Disciples (voices+band) (AUDIO)
God Alone is Good (variation with band) (AUDIO)
God Alone is Good (variation) v2 (AUDIO)
God Alone is Good (variation) (AUDIO)
God Will Do Everything (voices only) (AUDIO)
God Will Do Everything (voices+band) (AUDIO)
Great Among the Nations (voices only) (AUDIO)
Great Among The Nations (voices+band) (AUDIO)
Greater Worth than Gold (teaching parts) (AUDIO)
Greater Worth Than Gold (voices+guitar) (AUDIO)
Hallelujah (voices only) (AUDIO)
Hallelujah (voices+band) (AUDIO)
He Must Become Greater (voices only) (AUDIO)
Here Am I Send Me (teaching parts) (AUDIO)
Here Am I Send Me (voices+band) (AUDIO)
Hes On Time (demo) (AUDIO)
Higher Ground (variation) (AUDIO)
Higher Ground (voices only) (AUDIO)
Higher Ground (voices+band) (AUDIO)
His Hands (variation) v2 (AUDIO)
His Hands (variation) (AUDIO)
His Hands (voices+band) (AUDIO)
His Love Endures Forever (voices only) (AUDIO)
Holy Perfect Always Forever (demo) (AUDIO)
Home in Heaven (teaching parts) (AUDIO)
Home in Heaven (voices only) (AUDIO)
Home In Heaven (voices+band) (AUDIO)
Home With You (voices+guitar) (AUDIO)
I Hear God Singing to Me (voices only) (AUDIO)
I Love Your Word (demo) (AUDIO)
I Need Your Love (voices only) (AUDIO)
I Need Your Love (voices+band) (AUDIO)
I the Created (demo) (AUDIO)
I Want to Be Less (variation) (AUDIO)
If You Wanna Love Him (voices+guitar) (AUDIO)
Im Building Me a Home (voices only) (AUDIO)
Im Gonna Praise You (lead+guitar) (AUDIO)
In the Kingdom (voices only) (AUDIO)
Jesus is Lord (choral) (AUDIO)
Lead Me to the Rock (voices only) v2 (AUDIO)
Lead Me to the Rock (voices only) (AUDIO)
Lead Me To The Rock (voices+band) (AUDIO)
Let The Light Shine Down (variation – gospel keyboard) (AUDIO)
Let the Light Shine Down (voices+guitar) (AUDIO)
Let The Peoples Praise You (voices only) (AUDIO)
Lord God Almighty (voices only) (AUDIO)
Lord I Thank You (voices only) (AUDIO)
Lord I Want to Thank You (demo) (AUDIO)
Lord I Want To Thank You (variation) (AUDIO)
Lord of All (voices only) (AUDIO)
Love The Lord (demo) (AUDIO)
Love the Lord (voices only) (AUDIO)
Love The Lord (voices+guitar) (AUDIO)
Mercy (voices only) (AUDIO)
Mercy (voices+keyboard) (AUDIO)
Mercy Lord (voices only) (AUDIO)
Much More Than Gold (voices only) (AUDIO)
My Heart And My Passion (demo) (AUDIO)
My Heart and My Passion (voices only) (AUDIO)
My Rock (lead+guitar) (AUDIO)
My Rock (voices only) (AUDIO)
My Soul Glorifies The Lord (voices only) (AUDIO)
No Other Love (voices only) (AUDIO)
No Other Love (voices+band) (AUDIO)
O Holy God (voices only) (AUDIO)
O Increase My Love (voices only) (AUDIO)
O Rock of Ages (variation) (AUDIO)
O Rock Of Ages (voices only) (AUDIO)
O Se (demo) (AUDIO)
O Se (voices only) (AUDIO)
Only God (voices only) (AUDIO)
Only God (voices+band) (AUDIO)
Open My Eyes (demo) (AUDIO)
Our God (lead+guitar) (AUDIO)
Praise The Lord O My Soul – JBC (voices only) (AUDIO)
Praise The Lord O My Soul – JBC (voices+band) (AUDIO)
Praises Heard Around The World (teaching parts) (AUDIO)
Praises Heard Around The World (voices+band) (AUDIO)
Prayer for Boldness (voices only) (AUDIO)
Psalm 117 (voices only) (AUDIO)
Psalm 117 (voices+guitar) (AUDIO)
Remember Me (voices only) (AUDIO)
Set Apart (teaching parts) (AUDIO)
Set Apart (voices+guitar) (AUDIO)
Shake The Earth (voices only) (AUDIO)
Show Me the Wonder (teaching parts) (AUDIO)
Show Me the Wonder (voices only) (AUDIO)
Siku Rin Wana (teaching parts) (AUDIO)
Siku Rin Wana (voices only) (AUDIO)
Sing And Rejoice (male voices only) (AUDIO)
Sing And Rejoice (voices only) (AUDIO)
Sing My Way (voices only) (AUDIO)
Sing My Way (voices+guitar) (AUDIO)
Sing Of His Righteousness (demo) (AUDIO)
Song Of Moses (demo) (AUDIO)
Stand Defiant (voices only) (AUDIO)
Stand in Awe (voices only) (AUDIO)
Strong In Spirit (lead+band) (AUDIO)
Strong In Spirit (male voices only) (AUDIO)
Surefooted (demo) (AUDIO)
Surrendered (voices only) (AUDIO)
Take A Look On the Mountain (voices only) (AUDIO)
Thank You Lord (voices only) v2 (AUDIO)
Thank You Lord (voices only) (AUDIO)
Thank You Lord (voices+band) (AUDIO)
The Goodness Of The Lord (voices only) (AUDIO)
The Goodness Of The Lord (voices+band) (AUDIO)
The Power (demo) (AUDIO)
The Spirits Fire (voices only) (AUDIO)
The Spirits Fire (voices+band) (AUDIO)
Unshakable Faith (voices+band) (AUDIO)
We Make It Our Goal To Please Him (voices+guitar) (AUDIO)
We Shall Overcome (choral) (AUDIO)
When The Morning Comes (variation) (AUDIO)
White As Snow (variation) (AUDIO)
Your Name (voices+band) (AUDIO)
Your Ways (voices only) v2 (AUDIO)
Your Ways (voices only) (AUDIO)
Your Ways (voices+chorus) (AUDIO)
Your Ways (voices+guitar) (AUDIO)